Though the term “natural” is not legally defined, an undeniable definition would be “any material that is harvested, mined, or collected, and which may subsequently be washed, decolorized, distilled, fractionated, ground, milled, separated, or concentrated in order to leave a chemical or chemicals that existed in the original source material.” 

Natural and organic cosmetics are greatly influencing and changing the cosmetics panorama. While “beauty” is still the main term that comes to mind when we think about cosmetic products, an increasing number of consumers expect to find “sustainable”, “environmentally friendly” and “ethical” qualities in the cosmetics they purchase. Natural and organic cosmetics represent these in an authentic way as they are part of their core values and commitment not only to human wellbeing, but also to the protection of the environment and biodiversity. Are you considering going for more natural and organic cosmetics to take care of your body? NATRUE gives you three good reasons to switch from conventional to natural.

Conventional cosmetics frequently contain a high percentage of petroleum-based ingredients, and can include substances such as phthalates, oxybenzone or parabens. Although regulated for safe use in cosmetics, the use of petroleum-based ingredients is inconsistent with the concept of truly natural and organic cosmetics, whose composition should predominately be made of minerals, natural and organic plant extracts, products from microorganisms, or substances derived from these sources. The properties of these complex mixtures, such as those from plant extracts and oils, naturally help protect, nourish and hydrate the skin. In addition, the fact that sustainable, organic and biodegradable ingredients can be found in natural and organic cosmetics also helps to reassure consumers about the authenticity, origin and quality of these products.

Apart from providing natural protection and care to our skin, natural and organic cosmetics also help us keep our well-being in-check. Their representation of nature through natural fragrances and delicate textures makes us feel closer to it and awakens our senses. Indeed, many natural essential oils from plants such as lavender, rose or mint are used in aromatherapy as they help to activate, relax and soothe our bodies. Natural or organic cosmetics are not just beauty products, but a recreation of nature in perfect harmony with our bodies and our world.

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