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All about Mineral Makeup

If you're looking to switch from conventional to natural makeup that's healthier and doesn't damage the skin, it's easier than you may think. One of the best choices you can make for your skin is to start using mineral makeup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does mineral makeup last?

All are made from inorganic ingredients that do not support microbial growth. However, as a rule of thumb we advise using Simply Jewel Mineral product within 30 months of opening.

Is simply jewel mineral makeup safe for all skin types?

It’s important to know that anyone can be allergic or sensitive to anything. We do not add preservatives and not tested on animals. Individuals with extreme chemical sensitivities wear our makeup successfully. Simply Jewel is also safe for cancer survivors. If in any doubt, patch-test the product on the inner-arm.

Is mineral makeup good for mature skin?

Yes. Because this is a light-reflective cosmetic, it obscures the look of fine lines and wrinkles and gives a healthy glow to the skin, making it look younger. Matte makeup absorbs light and allows the eye to see “into” the skin. For a person who has many lines due to sun damage or even genetic aging skin, after applying the mineral makeup, it is helpful to spritz with a hydration spray. This sets the makeup, softens lines and gives a dewy look. The technique of spritzing also helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and large pores.

Can you sleep with mineral makeup?

Mineral makeup's light-as-air feel is part of what makes it so popular, and tempting to sleep in. Still, we advise against sleeping in makeup of any kind to prevent clogs and irritation.

Why should I use mineral makeup?

The best mineral makeup works well for all ages and skin types. Our formula adjusts to your skin’s needs. It’s great for dry, oily and acne prone skin alike. In fact, many women report that they’ve noticed improvements in their skin and eye lashes’ appearance since using our products.

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